Introducing three business models of Cloudscale weighing

October 1, 2016   

Web site:

1.) Internal weighing solution.

For companies needing distributed weighing application, replacing older standalone / local database / shared networking weighing applications. No installation necessary on client computer - it uses standard web browser.

2.) Public scale.

Users with registered account weigh themselves using their own device, and generate transaction.
In both of first two models, unattended computer is situated next to the scale terminal. It can be Windows/Linux machine, and can be even one of the popular embedded boards (like Raspberry Pi, Arduino..). It runs small but robust piece of software, serving serial scale data to web logging service. Web logging service can run on publicly accessible site, your trusted web site or server in your local intranet.

Weighing terminal can be for example, any manufacturer’s terminal with serial connection for continuous data transfer. New terminals are already equipped with ethernet on-board, so this makes job even easier.

This description describes setup used for this demo!

Looking at the availability of such service, yes, it’s vulnerable to different internet connection problems, but we must admit that today, without internet, almost all other business functions will stop also. Same solution on internal web server is better looking for the availability.

3.) Mobile weighing.

Serial - WiFi bridge is installed in a weighing terminal acting like access point. Application for smartphone/tablet connects to scale terminal wirelessly as a client, reads data and presents all weighing functions. Wireless POS printer prints weighing tickets. Developed 20132014 in AS3 on Android platform.

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